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Every step in the complex process of construction needs the production and use of documents as a tool to communicate ideas, designs, contracts and more. These documents also satisfy legislated requirements and many of them need to be consulted decades after a building is created. The architecture, construction and engineering industry has been said to have the most paper-intense projects. Digitizing all information is a logical consequence and as a result scanning has emerged as a critical business process .


Architecture, construction and engineering (ACE)
Building creation is a complicated process, involving a lot of people with different kind of responsibilities. In each building project the architects, engineers and construction managers work with a lot of different technical and business documents, like drawings and plans, technical drawings and schedules. These documents need to be shared with all participants in the project and the time consuming search for each document, or in the worst case recreating a document, makes the difference in cost and valuable time.ScanFlowStore is an easy and affordable way to replace paper files with a digital archive and is being used worldwide in all sectors and industries. Also the architecture, engineering and construction industry can benefit from ScanFlowStore by digitizing all documents without having to install software on local workstations. Because of this, no client software or product training are necessary and everyone can use it immediately.

Key business challengesConstruction
• Project and cost controls
• Communication and collaboration
• Reducing documents transaction costs
• Streamline process of paper-handling
• Consolidate records from multiple sources

Benefits for the ACE industry
• Decreased printing/reprographic costs
• Fewer errors in drawings and documents
• Increase information security and workflow efficiency
• Easy sharing of documents, also with external parties like constructors

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